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Wait & See Records Artists

Amber Sheen by Luke Greaves-31.jpg

AMBER SHEEN (Photo by Luke Greaves)

Ukulele singer-songwriter with

a voice that will knock you over


NICK VULTURE (Photo by Luke Greaves)

South Australian singer-songwriter.  Nick's songs will tear your heart out.


BABY MO (Photo by Spoz)

Adelaide based singer-songwriter with an incredible recording soon to be released!



Adelaide based singer-songwriter mixing country and 60s dream pop.  Jessica is ready to take on the world with an amazing voice and strong pop sensibilities.  Check out  her youtube clip below!

Nathanel Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Nathanael Rothwell
Nathanael is a young emerging artist with a song on Spotify that will completely melt your heart.  And more recordings on their way.  Listen to Honey I'll Go Anywhere!

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